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UK man calls 999 with toilet roll holder stuck up his butt

Most of the time when people call the emergency help line they really want as much help as they can get. Sometimes though, the situation is delicate, as in the case of a Welsh man, who recently found that the toilet roll holder he had inserted into his rectum was stuck. He soon discovered that discretion pretty much goes out the window once the fire brigade shows up.

The man’s situation must’ve been pretty bad, because reportedly he could even move and had to call from his cell phone. The squad of firemen who responded were able to free the man, whose name, incidentally, is not being released. He required only on-the-spot medical treatment, not a visit to the ER.

In a statement about the incident, a representative of the Fire Brigades Union in Wales said that the firemen gave the man “suitable advice” to avoid getting stuck in the same situation again. Unfortunately, that advice was not passed on to the general public. The representative concluded, “To be honest, if I managed to get myself into one of these sorts of scrapes, the last thing I would want would be a whole crew of firefighters coming to see me!”

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