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Topless barber arrested in Colorado

Prosecutors say Suzette Hall made a business of giving topless haircuts. It’s not just unseemly and dangerous… it was illegal because she didn’t have a license to cut hair.

Last week, Boulder County, Colorado, charged Hall with Criminal Impersonation and Practicing Barbering/Cosmetology Without a License. But the arrest warrant details the sordid details. Hall allegedly kited checks to a salon owner from whom she rented a stall while she strategized her new business idea: a salon called “Rebel Beauty” featuring haircuts with an explicit twist. Hall allegedly posted on Craigslist offering topless haircuts for $45.

Hall’s new partner Breanna Thomas told police that haircuts weren’t the only thing on the menu. According to the warrant, when Thomas found used condoms in the trash can, Hall confessed “that men were paying her for sex. Suzette would also make house calls for sex and told Breanna she always carried a Taser with her when she goes on calls for sex.”

Investigator tracked down Suzette’s husband Ked Hall, who confirmed he knew at least nine men who paid Hall for sex in conjunction with their hair cuts. Ked told police that his wife told him “she applied for a ‘nude license for hairstylists.” Of course, no such license exists in Colorado (or anywhere else we know about).

Hall had already racked up nine felony convictions in her 46 years before her arrest last Wednesday. Her court date is yet to be set.



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