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Man stabs brother over which silverware to use

Edward William Bright, etiquette enthusiast

Edward William Bright, etiquette enthusiast

You know it’s the holidays when people start to take their table settings seriously, and in the case of Edward William Bright, 47, of Richland County South Carolina — way too seriously, even for the holidays.

According to police, they got a call around 6 p.m. on December 1, 2013, to find a man stabbed six times and in need of medical attention. Deputies discovered that the man was Bright’s brother, and that the two had been arguing over which silverware to use for their meal. It is not clear if the men where arguing about which set of silverware to use, or if they were arguing about which particular piece to use in a given situation.

Nor do we know exactly what sparked the violence, but suffice it to say that Bright allegedly ended the dispute by stabbing his brother six times in the chest, probably with the utensil in question. Bright was arrested for second-degree assault and battery.

His brother’s wounds were reportedly not life threatening so the two men can continue their argument at a later time. We suggest that at that time they consult Emily Post before resorting to physical violence.


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