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DNA poop test will bust offending dogs (and owners!)

A new service promises to track down the owners of dogs who aren’t picking up after their four-legged friends. It’s called Pooprints and it’s a way to match the DNA in dog feces with a file on all the dogs living in a building or condo.

Basically, a condo or development could require that new dogs are registered upon their arrival to establish the biometric file on the dog. 

To get the dog’s DNA, a cotton swab just needs to be wiped painlessly inside the dog’s mouth. Then they’re in the system. What’s the system? It’s an attempt to created a global database of pet DNA. It’s called the Biopet World Pet Registry.

After that, if some loose poop is found, it can be bagged, taken to the Pooprints lab and then the owner would be determined. At that point the condo or association can do what they see fit. The offending dog owner could then charged for Pooprints’ fees plus whatever other fine the condo or association decides to add. Humiliation can be added at no extra cost.

The Youtube video for Pooprints answers the question, “What do do about a dog waste problem?” “The solution can be found in science. The science of Pooprints,” it answers.

It’s a way to “track down residents who do not pick up their four-legged family members’ deposits,” according to the video.

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