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Woman’s final tweet before deadly car accident: ’2 drunk 2 care’

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Kayla Mendoza, 20 years old and a self-proclaimed “pothead princess” from Miami, authored a familiar sort of Twitter account, posting mainly about her love of drugs and booze. That habit of documenting her intoxication will almost certainly lead to legal consequence in the days ahead: Just hours before she swerved onto the Sawgrass Expressway and hit another car head-on, killing both occupants, she had this to say: “2 drunk 2 care.”

Mendoza, driving in the wrong direction, collided with a Toyota Camry driven by Marisa Catronio, pronounced dead at the scene, and Kaitlyn Ferrante, who passed away in a hospital after clinging to life for another day. Mendoza herself is being held in serious condition at the same facility. The deceased had spent Saturday night celebrating Catronio’s 21st birthday and were on their way home when the accident occurred, around 1:45 a.m., Miami New Times reported.

No charges in connection with the crash have been brought against Mendoza so far, but her digital trail certainly paints a damning picture of a direly irresponsible person who nonetheless found the time to judge others’ lifestyles.

By  Miles Klee

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