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Armed robbers lose car keys during heist

Nathan Heredia Perez, no car keys

Nathan Heredia Perez, no car keys

It was all going so well for the two Phoenix, Arizona, brothers, who allegedly robbed a restaurant, that is until they had make their getaway without their car.

The robbery was not a quick smash and grab experience for employees at the fast food restaurant that Nathan Heredia Perez and his underage, younger brother decided to rob. Perez, 19, claims that a cocaine habit led him to recruit his brother as his lookout, while Perez entered the Burger King brandishing a gun.

He reportedly herded the employees to the back, cleaned out the registers, forced an employee to open the safe and escaped out the back door with $700. When it was time to jump into the getaway car, however … no car keys. One of them lost they keys — we don’t know which one.

The younger brother was sent back to the Burger King to look for the keys. When they still hadn’t found the keys, the alleged robbers ran away while ripping off pieces of clothing that could connect them to the robbery. They were found hiding in a nearby shed pretty quickly by police.

Police also found the $700 in the backpack the panicked  brothers allegedly dropped at the scene. It is not known if police found the missing car keys too.

Perez was arrested and charged with armed robbery and kidnapping. His brother was turned over to juvenile authorities.


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