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Video: Belgian woman slept with dead husband for a year

The remains of Marcel H.

The remains of Marcel H.

A landlord who was evicting an elderly couple in Liege, Belgium, got the shock of his life when he found that the husband, named only as Marcel H., 79, had died, and his wife just wrapped him up in a blanket and kept him there.

Of the gruesome find, the landlord told, ”The lady slept next to her husband’s body,” adding, ”I have seen dead people before… but never in this condition.” The body seems to have become mummified.

Neighbors had complained of a smell emanating from the apartment, whose tenants had not paid the rent since November 2012. It now seems probable that when the husband died of natural causes from an asthma attack in November 2012, his income stopped coming in. The wife, however, 69, saw no reason to live alone, so she kept him in the bed with her.

The late Marcel H. is now in the morgue, his wife is reportedly receiving “treatment” and prosecutors are continuing to investigate.

For those of you that just have to see, the WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC! video below shows Marcel H. in detail as he was found.

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