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Indian man dies urinating on fuse box

A fuse box

A fuse box

It happened last Saturday night that that a man named only as Jayaraj in reports was walking home very drunk in Ashoknagar, India, when apparently nature called. Jayaraj, 45, reportedly stopped to take a leak at Field Marshal Cariappa Road near Shoolay Circle. Unfortunately, he managed to pee on an electrical fuse box in the process.

Police think the man was so inebriated that he was not aware that he was peeing on something so dangerous. It’s even possible that he did not know he had been electrocuted, because he seems to have finished and then taken a few more steps in the direction of home before collapsing on the road.

Police are calling it an unnatural death.

Some may remember New York man Mathew Zeno who died under similar circumstances one night in January 2013 when he was walking home along the subway tracks in January and urinated on the third rail. Zeno died and injured the friend walking with him.

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