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Six women brawl in Wisconsin supermarket just in time for the holidays

It seems that police got a call about a disturbance, from an innocent bystander reporting that six women were engaging in a food fight and fisticuffs in a local Madison, Wisconsin, supermarket. The caller was nearly hit in the head with a container of yogurt. The women also reportedly used pepper spray, bacon and launched a frozen turkey during the fray.

According to, police got a 911 cal around 5:30 p.m. on November 12, 2013, from a man, 62, at a Woodman’s Food Market, who was witnessing a full-on food and fist fight near the store’s meat counter. He decided to call police after a near miss with a container of strawberry yogurt left his ball cap covered with its creamy goodness.

Reports are confused, but it seems that the altercation was sparked by an ongoing feud about money. Two women began to argue about with four other women — it being almost time for the holidays one may assume that they are all related, hope that their Thanksgiving comes off better than this trip to the supermarket.

During the melee yogurt was thrown, which splattered all over the doors and floors of the meat department, a whole frozen turkey wound-up, swung and launched, and a pallet of bacon overturned — possibly by the misfired frozen turkey.

Next came the pepper spray, which led to actual blows being dealt with hand and fist while the women flailed and rolled around on the bacon-and-yogurt-covered floor. Then it seems like the six women came to their senses, realized the cops were on the way and rabbited.

Police stopped the two women who were pepper sprayed before they could leave the parking lot, the others remain at large.

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