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Accused man blames DNA evidence on his twin

Aaron Lucas

Aaron Lucas

An army officer accused of sexually assaulting several young girls in Colorado is planning to use the prosecution’s DNA evidence to point to another suspect — his identical twin brother.

Army Lieutenant Aaron Lucas, a decorated artillery officer serving at Fort Carson, stands accused of attempting to lure 11 underage girls into his car. He is also charged with three counts of sexual assault.

Lucas first appeared on police radar when he was seen near a playground after reports came in regarding a strange man allegedly stalking young girls. Aaron Lucas’ DNA profile matched genetic evidence recovered in Colorado — and in similar crimes in Texas and Alabama (at this time Lucas is only being charged in connection with the crimes that occurred in Colorado).

While DNA evidence is considered iron-clad in most cases, the exception is when an identical twin exists with the same DNA profile. That fact led Aaron Lucas’ attorneys to bring up Brian Lucas’ name as a potential alternate suspect. The defense team contends that Brian Lucas has lived in Alabama and Texas, that he has visited Colorado — and that he owns a black Acura sedan as described by the assault victim in Alabama.

Brian Lucas denies any part in the crimes.

Still, Judge David Shakes announced it would be “inappropriate” to bar the admission of evidence pointing to Brian Lucas at his brother’s trial. “Whether it’s persuasive or not — that’s not my role,” Judge Shakes said in court, “It’s the role of the jury.

Karen Steinhauser, an attorney who teaches law school in Denver, characterized it as a defense dreamed up in Hollywood. “I have never seen it, ever,” she told the AP, “The only time I have seen it was on ‘Law and Order: SVU.’”

Lucas’ next court date is scheduled for November 26. The trial which promises to pit brother against brother is slated to begin on January 4, 2014 in Colorado Springs.

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