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Watch: Good Samaritans rescue driver from sinking car

Amazing raw video shot on November 13, 2013, from a helicopter responding to a call about Seminole County woman Cynthia Garza being partially submerged in a pond after running off the road. The helicopter pilot describes the action for the 911 dispatcher as a group of bystanders rescues the terrified woman before her car sinks completely under the water.

The Sheriff’s office acknowledged on Facebook the bravery of the individuals who rescued Garza, while Huffington Post reports that Garza told news 13, “It was definitely divine intervention, because [my daughters] wanted to come with me,” she told the station. “It was just a blessing I was the only person in the car, and they were able to get to me, because if it would have been a few seconds more, they wouldn’t have been able to get me out of the water. So, I’m pretty much still in shock.”

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