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Canadian man stabbed at party, leaves and is hit by two different drunk drivers

In a Wile E. Coyote sort of moment, a Canadian man who was wounded seriously during an argument at a party, continued partying, collapsed from blood loss while walking to get help, only to be run over twice — by two different drunk drivers.

Lois Cook, 39, awaits sentence after pleading guilty on November 15, 2013, to charges of manslaughter for the death of her common-law husband, Dave Hudson, 32, that occurred on May 31, 2010, in Berens River, Manitoba. She faces two to four years in prison.

It seems that the couple and a group of friends were celebrating Treaty Days, the Navajo Nation’s Memorial Day celebrated each year on June 1, when Cook and Hudson began to argue. At one point Cook stabbed Hudson twice in the arm leaving two stab wounds each about one-tenth-of-an-inch long. Hudson was drunk enough that despite his bleeding arm, he stayed and talked to friends for a while before leaving the party to to get medical attention, though someone at the party did call police.

Hudson was reportedly walking up the road alone to a relative’s house to get a ride to the nearest nursing station when seems to have collapsed from loss of blood. He was then run over by a drunk driver, and soon after by another drunk driver. The second accident was witnessed by RCMP responding to the call about the stabbing.

At first, investigators thought Hudson, who reportedly suffered “extremely dramatic” wounds and “significant road rash” from being hit, was killed by the second car — the one they saw hit Hudson. That car was driven by an intoxicated 27 year old. During the investigation, however, the first drunk driver came forward. RCMP arrested both drivers and Cook in what turned out to be a case with a lot of issues, “law school exam-type issues,” according to Crown attorney Dan Angus.

An autopsy revealed that the wounds inflicted by Cook, though treatable at the time of the stabbing, had nicked an artery causing Hudson to bleed out. He was likely dead by the time he was hit by the drunk drivers.

Cook, who is awaiting sentence on November 21, apologized to Hudson’s family, and asked for forgiveness.

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