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Spanish man nearly loses penis in prostitute attack

Unidentified people at a brothel in southern Spain.

Unidentified people at a brothel in southern Spain.

After a fun night out drinking with friends in Malaga, Spain, a man reportedly decided to cap off a great night with a visit to a brothel. There he engaged the services of three prostitutes for group sex. When it was over, the women asked for their  €70 ($95) each, but the John refused to pay them — big mistake.

It is unclear why the unnamed man decided he didn’t have to pay the women, but he later told online daily newspaper Ideal,  “I realize now I must have been a bit of a pain because of the alcohol I’d had.” It’s also possible that he had convinced himself that he had been the one showing the girls a good time, not the other way around.

When the argument became heated, the women reportedly calmed the errant client down, stroking him and seemingly attempting to seduce him. This it turns out, was just a diversionary tactic. Once the John was docile, one of the prostitutes pulled out a knife and slashed his privates.

“I didn’t see it coming, she must have been in a really foul mood,” the man later said. He continued, “I used some bandages to apply a tourniquet to my penis and I caught a taxi to the nearest health center. The cut was so deep doctors referred me to another hospital (in Marbella).”

By the time the victim got to the second hospital he needed a blood transfusion and emergency surgery. The doctors reportedly fought for two hours to save both man and genitals, which they ultimately did, “Everything went well but doctors told me I was very close to dying or being impotent for the rest of my life.”

Has this experience soured the man on brothels forever? He says it has, “I’ll never go back to a place like that. It’s over for me now, never again.”

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