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Colorado man shoots self and buddy showing off new gun

Police in Colorado Springs were called to an apartment complex one evening in early October. No explicit reason is stated for the call, though we are guessing that a shot was heard as well as a lot of screaming. There officers found two men suffering from gunshot wounds, Joseph Gunderson, 24, and an unidentified friend, who had both been admiring a new handgun when it accidentally went off.

It seems that Gunderson was showing his shiny, new, loaded 9mm handgun to his buddy, when he accidentally pulled the trigger and shot himself in the hand at point-blank range. The bullet went through his hand, and hit the other man, who was standing close enough to get shot by the same projectile both in his right arm and left side.

None of the wounds proved life threatening, though both men were taken to the hospital for treatment. Gunderson has been charged with prohibited used of a weapon.

Gunderson may or may not have acted like a total chowder head misfiring his weapon, but he is in good company. In September 2013, Marine Col. Daren Margolin was relieved of his command of security at MCB Quantico after accidentally firing his Beretta M9 handgun into the floor of his office while testing the trigger. He said he didn’t know it was loaded.

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