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Thief returns stolen wallet six years later with apology

A German retiree is grateful and pleasantly surprised by the pickpocket who stole his wallet in a supermarket in Walsrode, Germany, in March 2007, and recently returned it, intact, with extra money and an apology.

Peter Jurgensen, 73, told told the media that he had completely forgotten about the incident until he received the stolen wallet in the mail, complete with ID, credit cards, pictures of his grandkids, €350 ($471), an apology and some extra cash, €50 ($67). reported that the thief wrote, “Greed drove me to taking the wallet. I have become a confessed Christian. The holy spirit has called upon me to repair the damage.” It was signed M.L.

Happily Jurgensen said “Everything was in the wallet as I left it. I thank the man for his belated honesty.”

Thieves have change of heart, return stolen goods with apology

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