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Lawsuit: Gynecologist sprayed drain cleaner in patient’s vagina

Akron, Ohio, gynecologist Dr. John Black is being sued after a patient claims that a routine yearly check up became a painful, disfiguring experience that wound up in the local emergency room. The woman was reportedly undergoing a routine pelvic exam when the doctor reportedly reached for a spray bottle marked vinegar, and sprayed the substance onto her sex organs into her vaginal canal.

Using vinegar during such an exam is reportedly not unusual, but the situation quickly became very unusual.

The patient immediately felt pain, which she described to WKYC-TV saying, ”It was like an open cut with rubbing alcohol being poured into it.” The patient, who is only being identified as “Laura,” informed the doctor, who poured some of the liquid into a cup and tasted it. He then proceeded to irrigate her privates with three bottles of saline, then suggested she visit the local emergency room.

According to Laura’s husband Paul, Black tried to numb the pain with a numbing cream that he allegedly applied with his bare hand, “He puts an ungloved dirty finger inside her and rubs a numbing cream inside her. It’s disgusting.” After that, Laura claims Black said to her, ”I hope you’re not offended. I just want to let you know I’ve been married forever, and I don’t have any diseases.”

At the emergency room, hospital workers called the Black’s office to determine the PH level of the liquid used, and was told that it was a nearly neutral PH 7.5, but when tested at the hospital the PH was more like a caustic 12, which the hospital identified as potassium hydroxide mixed with water. Potassium hydroxide is typically used in drain cleaners and alkaline batteries, and according to Paul, ”It soaks in and continues to soak in and burns from the inside out. It’s not meant to go inside anyone’s body,”

Doctors also allegedly found a plastic cap behind “Laura’s” cervix.

Rather than having more children, Laura says she can no longer have sex with her husband, and may require a hysterectomy, ”This a scenario that no woman would ever, ever imagine.”

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