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Pit bull attacks owner, rips her arms off

A pit bull in attack mode.

A pit bull in attack mode.

A Connecticut woman is recovering from a brutal attack by her son’s pit bull Tuxedo, that occurred outside the family’s rural home Monday. No one knows what provoked the attack, but the the victim was reportedly bitten from head to toe. In the end, she lost all of her left arm and part of her right in the attack.

Two passing drivers saw the two-year-old male pit-bull terrier wandering in the road at about 11:30 a.m. on November 11, 2013. According to Police Lt. Donald Wakeman, ”The first motorist found the dog to be somewhat aggressive, so she retreated to her car, and then one of the two motorists heard someone calling for help, so she called 911.”

Anne Murray, 56, was found in her driveway under a car trying to fend the off her pet, Tux.

The first officer on the scene, Capt. John Lynch, determined that the pit bull in the street was the same dog that had attacked Murray, and that the dog was an immediate threat to Murray and anyone else nearby, so he shot and killed it. The dog’s remains will be tested at the state laboratory for rabies.

Murray is in stable condition and recovering at Norwalk Hospital.

It is not known at this time if police will be filing any charges.

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