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Did Israel Keyes kill missing NJ woman Debra Feldman?

Israel Keyes and Debra Feldman (inset)

Israel Keyes and Debra Feldman (inset)

The FBI has been quietly continuing to follow up on leads from the public regarding the trail of serial killer Israel Keyes who obliquely confessed to as many as 12 murders before committing suicide in his jail cell last year. They now believe they may have linked Keyes to the 2009 disappearance of a woman from Hackensack, N.J., a missing person case in which police hit a dead end pretty quickly.

Before his death, investigators were able to identify three of Keyes’ victims, and have since been releasing more and more information about Keyes, even launching a public web page dedicated to the case, in efforts to obtain all possible leads in the other possible murders.

Though investigators have not yet elaborated on what evidence may link Keyes to Feldman, Keyes reportedly did tell them that he abducted one of his unnamed victims on May 9, 2009. According to the FBI, he took the victim across multiple state lines before killing  and dumping the body in the Tupper Lake area of upper-state New York. Missing New Jersey woman Debra J. Feldman was 48 when she was last seen at her home on April 8, 2009.

Debra Feldman

Debra Feldman

It’s safe to say that That Feldman vanished without a trace. Since then there have been no leads in her disappearance, none of her bank accounts used and no body ever recovered.

Felmand is described as white with fair skin, blond with blue eyes, 5-feet one-inch tall and 112 pounds.

In a statement today FBI asked for help retracing Feldman’s last known steps,  ”Investigators are requesting that anyone who knew Ms. Feldman and may have information about her activities around the time of her disappearance contact the Hackensack Police Department or call 1-800-Call-FBI and follow the prompts for the Israel Keyes.”

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