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Arizona cop resigns over love affair with MDMA dealer she investigated

Jessica Dever-Jakusz

Jessica Dever-Jakusz, a former Tempe Police Department Detective, resigned this month after allegations that she had an affair with a criminal whom she was investigating.

Dever-Jakusz, along with two other female officers, were part of an investigation regarding the sale of MDMA, also known as “Molly,” a popular club drug.

According to a police report, her investigation regarding the sale of illegal drugs in Tempe, Arizona, began in June. Around two months later, it’s alleged that Dever-Jakusz “began engaging in a romantic relationship” with the suspect that was sexual in nature.

She is married to another police officer who serves in a different department.

“On 10/12/2013, the Tempe Police Department terminated the approximate 5 month drug investigation on Mill Avenue after discovering the identities of the involved undercover detectives were disclosed,” the report states.

A few days later, Dever-Jakusz was informed that she was a focus of a criminal investigation. The report also states that an anonymous source tipped off police about the budding relationship.

Among the allegations, it’s reported that she told the suspect that she was a cop and disclosed the names of other female officers involved in the investigation, who were less experienced in narcotics investigations; Dever-Jakusz was their mentor on the case.

At this point, the suspect did not even know that he was part of an investigation. When Dever-Jakusz was finally approached by law enforcement, she tried to play it cool.

Police report

“Det. Dever-Jakusz initially thought I was joking,” a detective wrote in the police report. “I told her it wasn’t a joke and said I wanted to talk to her about her association with [the alleged drug dealer's name redacted]. Det. Dever-Jakusz said she was not going to talk.”

An officer with 14 years experience, she was selected last summer to appear on a reality show where she switched places with an officer in Zurich, Switzerland, for one week. No word yet on if she was able to fit in a short, international affair during that trip.

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