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Child used gas to make slide slippery, catches fire

A popular style slide, not the one in question.

A popular style slide, not the one in question.

A bizarre accident Saturday morning in Walton County Georgia left a toddler, 2, in critical condition in a medically induced coma. The girl and her older sister, 4, were reportedly playing at their father’s house on the outdoor slide, when one of them got the bright idea to douse the slide with gasoline to make it slick.

Investigators aren’t sure what happened, but theorize that static electricity generated from the girls sliding created at least one spark, that caused the younger girl to burst into flame. She was immediately rushed to the hospital where she treated for severe burns. Monday doctors placed her in the medically induced coma.

Her older sister was not seriously hurt in what police are saying was just a freak accident. They have not made an arrest, and do not anticipate filing criminal charges in this case.

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