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Swedish couple’s Ikea disaster triggers police response

Police in Strömstad, Sweden, were called to an apartment this week around 1 a.m after neighbors reported hearing loud banging and the cries of a child or possibly a baby. What police might have feared was a domestic disturbance, turned out to be a a domestic improvement project gone horribly wrong.

The couple that lived in the apartment was engaged in assembling (or possibly breaking up for kindling) some unidentified piece of furniture that they had purchased in a box at Ikea, the Swedish home furnishings company famous for it’s do-it-yourself assembly. Assembly which can turn out to be insanely difficult and complex, especially for tired working parents at 1 in the morning.

It seems this particular couple was having enough trouble putting the furniture together that their frustrated banging had awakened the baby, though it is unclear if the baby was crying from lack of sleep, or if it was as frustrated as the parents with the whole assembly project.

No arrests were made.

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