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Florida woman calls 911 to report drunk people in a bar

Mary Jaggers, responsible drinker

Mary Jaggers, concerned citizen

Believe or or not, there is such a thing a being too responsible a drinker. Thanks to Mary Jaggers, we now know there is a line — and just in time for the weekend too — turns out, it is okay for drunk people to be in bars.

Jaggers, 58, of Hollywood, Florida, called police early on November 4, 2013, to report that, shockingly, the bar she was in was full of drunk people. She insisted that police come and arrest everyone there.

The dispatcher instead warned her about the penalty for misuse of 911 each of the six times she called.

After the sixth 911 call, Broward’s finest were dispatched to Artie’s sports bar where they located Jaggers. She was allegedly found to have hydrocodone in her possession. Jaggers was arrested and charged with  felony possession of a narcotic and misdemeanor misuse of the emergency system.

At her first court appearance November 5, Broward Circuit Court Judge John Hurley said, “I have a feeling that the mixture between Artie’s Bar and the hydrocodone probably led to count two, the calling of the 911.”

Jaggers defended her actions saying that she had called 911 with the idea of preventing people from driving drunk.

Hurley ordered Jaggers to stay away from Artie’s and alcohol.

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