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Dallas Woman who led police on drug-fueled car chase, ‘I had a bad day’

Reshonda Fields

Reshonda Fields

Reshonda Fields first caught the attention of Dallas police when her dark-colored Cadillac blew through a stop light one night this week. When police went to pull her over, they discovered that this was not going to be any ordinary traffic stop because Fields wasn’t about to stop for anyone.

They caught up with Fields, age 39, at the next light, which she also allegedly blew through. She then reportedly hit the back of a Nissan pickup truck — again and again and again, until she rammed the pickup across the intersection and into a nearby parking lot.

She then allegedly continued driving, ignoring officers and proceeded for two miles before wrapping her car around a traffic light post. Cops approached the vehicle cautiously, guns drawn, noting that the vehicle was now on fire, swiftly becoming engulfed in flame. Fields still inside the smoke-filled Caddie, ignored cops’ commands to exit the vehicle.

Finally one officer smashed the driver-side window and unlocked the car door. Fields was cuffed and moved away from the burning car.

When questioned about the chase, she allegedly said that it was  ”fun.” She added, ”I was smoking a little wet tonight,” a joint laced with PCP, ”I just had a bad day. My kids are testing me. My baby’s father won’t make him mind.”

We hope she got some quiet time in jail.

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