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Ten things not to have in your car when you pass out drunk with the engine on

Antwane Burrise of Stockton, California, a convicted felon on searchable probation, found out the hard way that there are some things you just don’t want cops to find in your possession when you’re passed-out drunk behind the wheel of your car with the engine running. A fully loaded AK-47, for example.

According to court documents filed last week, police responded to a call about a man, allegedly Burrise, passed out behind the wheel of a Mercedes CLS500, presumably his, with the engine running. Police reportedly found the driver unresponsive and intoxicated. So much so, that when they opened the car door, he fell out of the car, revealing a handgun on the floor near where his feet had been. So they searched the car, and found ten things you really don’t want to have in your car under such circumstances.

  • 1 fully loaded AK-47
  • 1 Glock handgun with extended clip
  • 25 credit cards in the names of other people
  • 9 California driver’s licenses with other names
  • Several social security cards in other people’s names
  • 278 pills (unspecified)
  • 154 grams of marijuana (nearly five-and-a-half ounces)
  • 2 laptop computers
  • 1 Apple desktop computer
  • Numerous bags of stolen mail

Burrise was arrested and faces charges in San Joachin County, as well as Federal charges for — you guessed it — mail fraud.

Arguably, it could have been worse; he could have been carrying human slaves, explosives or bio terror agents. Given his previous conviction, however, it doesn’t look good for Burrise.

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