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Meet the “Roast Busters.” These guys assault women and then identify them on Facebook

Police in Auckland, New Zealand, were hesitant to arrest men involved with an online group of teen boys allegedly terrorizing local teen girls.

The group of 17-19-year-old boys, calling themselves the “Roast Busters,” would get girls — sometimes as young as 13 –┬ádrunk, have sex with them, and then tell the world about it on Facebook, including the identity of their victim.

This has been going on for two years, according to records on Facebook. But police never got involved because none of the girls wanted to come forward and make a formal statement. ┬áThe Facebook record of the assaults apparently wasn’t enough to go after the boys. Facebook has since eliminated the page.

Victims were likely fearing further retaliation if they came forward.

But now one of the former members has agreed to help police investigate the case.

Perhaps media attention has brought enough scrutiny the Roast Busters to convince enough victims and former members to come forward to roast the “Roast Busters.”

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