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Video: Simon Gittany before and after his girlfriend fell to her death

Simon Gittany (left) drags Lisa Harnum back to apartment

Simon Gittany (left) drags Lisa Harnum back to apartment.

Simon Gittany is on trial in Australia for the murder of his girlfriend Lisa Harnum. Harnum fell to her death on July 30, 2011, from the balcony of the couple’s apartment. He says she climbed up on the railing and fell. If that’s true, prosecutors argue her fingerprints should be on the rail, but say the only fingerprint found on the rail was Gittany’s. They believe he threw her off.

On the day in question, the two were fighting. The Canadian-born former ballerina is seen on this surveillance video being violently dragged back into the couple’s apartment by Gittany.

A mere 69 seconds later Gittany, is shown running back out of the apartment alone, getting on the elevator in obvious panic and distress and running outside. Harnum’s body broken was on the pavement outside.

Once outside, the first thing Gittany reportedly said to a responding officer was, ”I hope the cameras were working.” He had installed three surveillance cameras in the apartment, none of which were working.

Gittany’s trial is about what happened in that missing 69 seconds.

The trial continues.

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