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NYC free to stop and frisk again

A federal appeals court blocked a judge’s decision to halt NYPD’s controversial stop and frisk policy Thursday.

Stop and frisk is a policy that allows police to stop and search a person without a search warrant. Police only need “reasonable suspicion” to conduct the search of any subject. Opponents of the practice claim that minorities are targeted disproportionately and that the ractice is a violation of civil liberties. Those in favor, including the New York Police Department and Mayor Michael Bloomberg say the practice is vital to catching criminals and one of the major reasons crime has plummeted in New York City.

In August, U.S. Judge Shira Scheindlin issued a ruling that found the practice to unfairly target minorities and ordered it to cease immediately. The New York Police Department and mayor filed a suit challenging Judge Scheindlin’s ruling, which the 2nd Circuit will issue a ruling on.

In the meantime, police are allowed to continue the practice. The ban is lifted.

The U.S Second Circuit Court of Appeals decided to remove Judge Scheindlin from the case, an indication that they were displeased with the way she handled the case.

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