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Chilling murder-suicide 911 call released; Killer left moody Facebook trail

Bryan Sweatt

27-year-old Bryan Sweatt made the frantic, desparate 911 call Tuesday telling the operator he was “stressed out” and threatening to kill himself. The operator asks Sweatt if he had a weapon and Sweatt responds, “a 44.” Then you can hear a woman in the background say “Do not point that at me.” Then the line goes dead. Sweatt apparently hung up. The call is embedded below. It’s disturbing.

What was happening while Sweatt made that call is an absolute horror story. Sweatt apparently duct-taped his girlfriend, her parents and two youngsters inside their Greenwood County, South Carolina ranch-style home. Then he shot them and himself.

A SWAT team discovered the horrifying tableau not long afer Sweatt called 911.

There they found victims Chandra Fields, 26, her parents, Richard Fields, 51 and Melissa Fields, 49; and two grandchildren who lived with them: William Robinson, 9; and Tariq Robinson, 11. And Bryan Sweatt. All dead.

Sweatt allowed four children to escape, including he and Chandra’s 7-month old daughter, Ava. The four kids went to a neighbor’s house and said they had seen the family tied up with duct tape and that there was blood in a doorway. The neighbor called 911.

Both 911 calls are posted on Youtube here:

Bryan Sweatt left a series of alarming Facebook interactions prior to the shooting indicating his troubles. He was facing a long prison sentence for a robbery, which in one post he discusses. He was facing a custody battle with Chandra over Ava and posting about it freely on Facebook, which is now both frozen in time and filled with complex, emotional commentary from friends and relatives. He alternates between posing with Chandra and cooing over his daughter and ranting angrily, as you can see for yourself from these screen captures we took from his page, which has since been removed:






























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