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This is the face of a 20-year-old who has brazenly killed 79 people

Juan Pablo Vazquez

Juan Pablo Vazquez is a Mexican drug cartel enforcer who seems to have almost no respect for human life. He was recently picked up by Mexican police carrying 22 bags of cocaine and some marijuana, but that’s really the least of his concerns. Mexican police think he’s responsible for 79 murders. He’s already admitted to 45.

Police told a British newspaper, “Vazquez is not the youngest killer we have seen but one of the most ruthless. A life meant nothing to him.”

But he’s just a small fry, really. Vasquez is believed to be an henchman in a large drugs-smuggling organization called the Gulf Cartel.

Vazquez’s murders are part of a recent powerful wave of drug-related violence in Mexico. The Gulf Cartel is at war with its rival group called the Zetas over smuggling routes. Officials estimate that 1,000 people a month die as a result of the cartel wars. Officials estimate that roughly 80,000 people have died since the latest war began in 2007.

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