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Oklahoma man ‘going ballistic’ in apartment blames gay demon sex

Jeremy Jarnell Anderson: not gay, just high.

Jeremy Jarnell Anderson: not gay, just high.

Jeremy Jarnell Anderson, 22, is in jail after police received a call about a “person going ballistic.” Specifically, the caller described a man with a bloody face, kicking a heavy door off its hinges, dousing himself with salt and soap and breaking stuff. The man, however, blames a homosexual demon for his outburst.

Police arrived to find Anderson on his front porch, his face and hands bloody, screaming. Officers, who first tried reasoning with him, concluded that he was “clearly out of touch with reality.” Anderson locked himself into the ground-floor apartment, and started throwing furniture and glass out the windows and the door.

Next, police tried tasing him, but he ripped the probes out yelling that a taser wouldn’t work on him. He did offer to “fist fight” officers if they disarmed themselves.

It was right about then that Anderson, according to the police report, lit a fire near the stove. He later told police he was “cooking the Bible” because he was a “Satanist.”

Police broke down the door with a sledge hammer and found the smoke-filled interior, walls and floor covered with blood, bleach and other unspecified “substances.” In the ensuing frenzy, police managed to tase Anderson into submission, and take him to the hospital.

According to officers, at first Anderson claimed to have done nothing wrong, saying that he was merely redecorating.

Later Anderson allegedly gave this full explanation: He had met a “possessed homosexual demon” that asked him for drugs and performed sex acts on him.

Anderson claims he “wasn’t gay, just high” and was totally freaked out when he realized that he had let the male demon touch him in that way. Since he had no problem being a Satanist, it’s safe to say that possessed heterosexual demon sex would have been fine. Anderson admitted to needing medication.

He is charged with first-degree arson, though more charges may be added later.

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