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Dan Rather goes to California, is shocked by pot plants the size of “giant Christmas trees”

Dan Rather has an interesting post today on Huffington Post talking about illegal pot farms in Northern California. He goes on a ride-along with a raid of one of the farms growing “super-mega-steroid marijuana plants” that grow as high as 15 feet.

Rather describes finding foreign criminals operating giant-scale pot farms illegally, often on public lands. Locals told him that a river is actually being sucked dry by the demands of the pot farm operations. The rogue farmers use illegal pesticides chemicals and tactics that are horrible for the environment.

Rather concludes that the debate over whether or not pot should be legal needs to evolve into how to handle it as a society. He says the conversation should be about how its grown and about the health risks of use. He more or less advises that just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s good for people.

This video shows 600 illegal marijuana farms and discusses their impact:

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