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Update: Mexico’s clowns denounce last week’s killer clown

Thomas Morales as Payaso Llantom

Thomas Morales as Payaso Llantom

The clowns of Mexico are having their annual International Clown Convention in Mexico City. In the wake of the murder of  former Tijuana drug cartel leader Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix, 63, nearly one week ago, at the hands of a purported clown, clown luminaries announced that they are saddened, believing that they too are victims.

The general sentiment expressed was that whoever shot Felix in the head at a family gathering at the Los Cabos resort in Baja California, last Friday may have been dressed as a clown, but he was no clown.

Clown leader Thomas Morales, who’s clown character is Payaso Llantom, said “The people who do that, they’re not clowns. I can swear on my mother’s grave it wasn’t a clown. We are not like that … we are nonviolent.”

Alberto Villanueva, who’s clown character is Bufon Marley, says, “It’s sad that it has fallen to that level. … I don’t think it has anything to do with us; we do the complete opposite. I don’t think it will hurt our profession, because in our communities, people know us.”

Morales also pointed out that clowns too fall victim to criminals. ”We clowns suffer robberies,” he said. “The criminals have stolen our vehicles, our costumes, our sound equipment, our makeup, and with these same tools we use to work, they use them to commit robberies.”

For those who loath and fear clowns, I think that last statement explains a lot.

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