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Body of suicide victim hung for eight years in his apartment

It took a while for the bank to repossess the victim’s apartment and auction it off — eight years to be precise. They lost touch with him when in 2005 the mortgage payments stopped coming on his apartment in the Bussy-Saint-Georges suburb of Paris, France. The man’s employers probably assumed that he had returned to his native Cambodia.

Given how long the apartment lay undisturbed, the new owner no doubt thought there would be some surprises like peeling plaster or leaky pipes. On entering the property with a locksmith, the new owner actually found the apartment in perfect condition, and the body of the former owner, a security guard and OCD sufferer, who had hanged himself — also in perfect condition — aside from the fact that his neck was broken.

Sadly, the former owner had reportedly fallen out of touch with friends and family because his escalating OCD made him impossible to be around. When he killed himself there was no one to miss him.  Weirdly enough, it seems that the apartment may have been so clean that the body never actually decayed. ”The body was in perfect condition, as was the apartment,”  according to a police source. This explains why neighbors never noticed a smell.

Police, and modern science, have yet to satisfactorily figure out how this happened.

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