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Are cats the new contraband mule?

Around the world, cats are being pressed unwittingly into lives of crime.

Just last week in the Moldovan town of Pruncul, a cat was caught when guards noticed it making runs between under a fence in the prison yard. The guards discovered that the cat was wearing  an oversized collar that was packed full of marijuana.

The BBC has a video showing the cat being searched.

In June, a Komi, Russia prison camp reported that a cat was caught with cell phones and batteries taped to its back. The cat was literally climbing over a chain link fence when it was captured.

Unlike human smugglers, cats can’t be coerced to reveal their coconspirators. Cats never talk.

And in January the cat pictured here was caught in Brazil loaded to the hilt with drills, saw blades, a cell phone and charger and accessories. This cat was apparently raised in secret by inmates at the prison and then sent home with visiting relatives, loaded up with contraband and sent back into the prison.



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