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Evidence File: Mark Twitchell’s murder manuscript

A key piece of evidence presented at the trial of Canadian killer Mark Twitchell was a 42-page document titled SKConfessions, with the SK standing for “serial killer.” In the manuscript, Twitchell, an amateur filmmaker, claims to detail his “progression into becoming a serial killer” and describes murder in gruesome detail. Twitchell, who was inspired by the show Dexter, never achieved his dreams of becoming a serial killer. He was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole for the murder of John Brian “Johnny” Altinger, 38, who met Twitchell for a blind date, thinking he was a woman.

Below is the manuscript in its entirety, save for edits made by police and the Edmonton Journal.

Mark Twitchell: Canada’s ‘Dexter’ Wannabe

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