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Terminally ill patient’s family uses ambulance ruse to get him to bank

The family of a seriously ill man in China’s Shaanxi province may face legal action after using an ambulance under false pretenses — all because his wife forgot the password to their bank account.

Terminally ill Xu Wanfan, 75, was in the ICU in a hospital in  Xi’an. His wife, Li, 65, was still able to access funds for monthly expenses electronically through his pension account. Li, however, forgot the account password and entered it incorrectly three times. Naturally the bank locked the account until the account bearer came in personally to identify himself and sign the proper papers. Unfortunately her husband was far too sick to take a cab to the bank. His wife later told reporters,  ”We didn’t even have enough money to pay the rent or buy food, what else are we to do?”

So they hatched a plan to get the man to his bank. They informed the hospital that they had decided to take him home to die and requested an ambulance for the transfer. The hospital made all the requisite arrangements.

The plan was to have the ambulance make a stop at the bank when it drove by. They would wheel him up to the teller and take care of his banking business. All went swimmingly until they got him back in the ambulance and notified the driver that they had changed their minds and wanted to take Wanfan back to the ICU.

Now the hospital wants the family to pay for the ambulance. The family wants the bank to pay for the ambulance after putting them in such a difficult position.

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