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Florida man chases, shoots at invisible people

Robert Sartori

Robert Sartori

On returning home October 14, 2013, Roger Sartori’s daughter and her boyfriend found Sartori, 53, of Hernando County Florida, talking to himself and to people who weren’t there. So they ignored him and started getting ready for bed. Then is got crazy.

The couple was in the bedroom when they reportedly heard him say, ”So you guys are gonna take my things from me and want to play these games, huh?”  he then started to chase the invisible people yelling,  ”Get back here!”

According to detectives, she then saw a flash of light outside the bedroom window and heard two gunshots. At that point they decided it might be better to get out of the house and call police. As the couple ran away from the home, they looked back to see Sartori aiming an assault rifle at them.

When police arrived Sartori denied everything, especially the part about even owning a gun. He reportedly told them he had a cap gun with fake bullets.

A search of the home by police failed to locate any cap gun, but they did find three handguns, a long gun and an assault rifle. No word on whether the guns were legal. The Smith & Wesson .22 was found to have been loaded with six cartridges, four of them spent.

Sartori is being held without bond on two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm.

No word on which, if any, mind altering substances was involved.

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