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911 Caller: “I’m too drunk to get out of my car”

Carol Frances Omeara

A BIlings, Montana woman called 911 when she determined that she was too inebriated to get out her car. She had been at a bar and drove home, but once she got back to her house that’s when she got jammed up. The call to 911 was quite literally a cry for help.

The Billings Gazette reports Carol Frances Omeara, 55, had been at a local bar for about five hours and had consumed about a pint of vodka before driving home. She apparently sat in her car for about 4 hours before calling 911.

“Asked if she was having a medical or mechanical issue, the caller said,¬†`No, I’m just too damn drunk,’” according to records of the call.

The Gazette reported that Omeara has a record of drinking and driving, but never anything quite like this. Omeara was arrested in California three times for DUI.

Omeara tested nearly four times the legal limit for alcohol in her blood and was arrested and charged with a felony DUI.

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