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The New Meth? Texas Teens Brought and Did Liquid Meth in School

There may be a new kind of methamphetamine available — liquid meth — and six eight graders in Texas City brought it to school and got high. We’ve all been appalled at the changing faces of those who have been users of the highly addictive drug for a while, and we’ve all laughed at addicts caught cooking meth in their pants, but liquid meth may just remove all the social stigma associated with taking the drug.

Meth-treated papers found by the Galveston County Sheriff's Office.

Meth-treated papers found by the Galveston County Sheriff's Office.

The girls were reportedly acting strangely in class on October 7, 2013, exhibiting a kind of zombie-like delirium, according to classmates, who alerted teachers. School officials called paramedics and the girls’ parents. A search yielded some foil-wrapped papers that looked a lot like postage stamps treated with a liquid form of meth so potent that it can be absorbed through human skin. It seems all the girls had to do was lick a stamp to get high. As much as we would love to hope that good kids wouldn’t get into that kind of thing, a stamp is really an innocuous looking delivery mechanism. In fact, according to one parent, “They’re not all bad girls. I mean one of them I’ve known for quite some time. I mean I would have never expected it. She didn’t seem like a bad girl. She’s always been very sweet, very respectable, very involved in sports.”

Officials at the Blocker Middle School called the girls’ parents, who took them to a hospital for treatment. The six students have been suspended. Though they are minors, meth possession is a serious legal offense. A spokeswoman for the district announced at in the worst case scenario they could be assigned to an alternative school within the criminal justice system.

Police are calling this a new form of meth, which according to the Galveston County Sheriff  came from “outside the county.” Investigators continue trying to determine where the girls got the drug. To be clear, meth in liquid form has been around for years, but it is usually re-crystallized before being sold. The sale of liquid-meth-treated paper, similar to like blotter acid in the 1960s, that’s new.

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