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Update: More Details Emerge in Waycross Case as 911 Call Released

Alicia Herron (inset: Jack Lamar Roberson)

Alicia Herron (inset: Jack Lamar Roberson)

In response to a growing controversy surrounding the officer-involved shooting of Waycross, Georgia, man Jack Lamar Roberson last Friday, authorities have released the 911 call from his fiancée Alicia Herron. The call would seem to contradict statements by the family that Roberson was passive and unarmed. Based on the information in the call it seems that his Herron was not only scared for him, but of a police response to the call.

Herron called 911 saying that Roberson had taken several hand fulls of his diabetes medicine with alcohol. On the call she is heard saying, “He took a couple of big hand fulls of them. He had alcohol, liquor and everything else. I don’t know what will happen.”

The 911 operator asks Herron point blank, “Is he combative at all?” Herron responded without hesitation, “Yeah, he threw the refrigerator down, threw glass everywhere and stuff. He broke his TV and everything.”

When the operator asks Herron, “He hasn’t been physical towards anybody though?” She says “No.”

He then asks, “Has he made any threats in reference to suicide?” Herron answers, “He says he wants to die, but I don’t know.”

The victim’s mother Diane Roberson, however, insists that, “My son was not suicidal, he was upset; there’s two different things. He wasn’t ready to end his life.”

Herron in fact asked specifically for an ambulance, and asked for confirmation that not police would respond to her call, “Alright, just the ambulance is coming, right? No police right?”

That, however, was not up to her. The operator responded, “Uh, we had to notify them. I don’t know whether or not they’re coming.”

Well, it turned out the Lieutenant Scott Rowell and Officer Casey Caswell did respond before any ambulance arrived. They reported his behavior as “combative and aggressive.”

According to the newly released incident report, Lieutenant Rowell saw that ”Roberson was holding what appeared to be a large grilling fork in one hand and a knife in his other hand in a threatening manner. He said Roberson then lunged toward he and Off. Caswell. Lt. Rowell said they fired their weapons to defend themselves.”

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