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Dad Injects 4-Year-Old Son with Heroin

Eric Emil Lehtinen, 37, was found unconscious alongside his four-year-old son on Tuesday by his soon-to-be ex-wife. reported that the boy was discovered by the woman with a syringe full of heroin, ketamine, and other drugs on his chest.

Lehtinen was a long-time drug addict and dealer, according to court documents. The incident occurred on the day his divorce was to be finalized, and drug testing would have been part of the custody arrangement.

Both Lehtinen and the boy were rushed to the hospital, where the boy remains. Lehtinen was released from the hospital and sent to jail. He is charged with first-degree attempted murder. Prosecutors are asking for $3 million bail.

A week before the incident, the boy and his mother had been living in San Fanscisco. The boy’s mother brought him to Seattle where she had a job interview. She asked Lehtinen to care for the boy while she went to the interview. He had told her that he was no longer using drugs, so she felt comfortable leaving the boy with him,¬†according to

Lehtinen faces at least 15 years in prison if convicted.




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