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Charles Manson Writes writer Denise Noe wrote a poem about Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme and sent it to her, um, boyfriend Charlie Manson. The title of the poem is Penelope – a reference to Homer’s Odysseus — and it describes Squeaky’s longstanding devotion to Manson. Manson doesn’t seem to get the reference, saying “Penelope” is “in no dictionary I got.”

Squeaky Fromme was Manson’s most devoted follower. She was intimately involved in the Manson family and stood by Charlie even after he was imprisoned. In 1975 she was arrested for attempted to assassinate President Gerald Ford with an unloaded weapon. In the poem, Noe refers to the gun jamming, and Manson notes that the gun didn’t jam and says that Fromme “knew what she was doing + knows what she’s doing now.” Manson then writes three pages of rambling, free-associated commentary.

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