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Listen: 911 Calls of the Weepy-Voiced Killer

Lesser-known serial killer Paul Michael Stephani of Austin, Minnesota, aka  the Weepy-Voiced Killer, was convicted of stabbing Denise Williams, and murdering Barbara Simons in the Twin Cities in 1982, and was sentenced to 40 years.

After spending 15 years in prison, Stephani learned that he was terminally ill, and confessed to three other crimes of which police had long suspected him. He confessed to beating Karen Potack in 1980, to stabbing Kimberly Compton to death in 1981 and to drowning Kathleen Greening in 1982.

After each of the attacks the killer would call 911 to report his crime and beg in a high-pitched weepy voice for someone to send the victim help, or for someone to stop him from killing again. He never identified himself.

Here are the recordings of his signature weepy-voiced 911 calls.

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