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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished at Florida Goodwill Store

Andrew Anderson

When 19-year-old Goodwill employee Andrew Anderson saw people coming into the store wearing all of the clothes they had [...] with $2, $3 max, he wanted to help. So Anderson reportedly started giving needy customers deep discounts, slashing Goodwill’s already low prices in half. Over the course of two weeks, authorities say Anderson gave about $4,000 worth of discounts to shoppers on tight budgets. “Goodwill is a giving and helping company, so I took it upon to myself to be giving and helping because I feel people deserve it,” Anderson told a reporter.

Goodwill didn’t appreciate Anderson’s well-intentioned actions and fired him. Anderson also briefly landed in Collier County jail where he faced felony theft charges. Fortunately for him, after some consideration, Goodwill officials changed their mind pressing charges, determining that Anderson’s “actions we not for personal gain, but rather for the benefit of others. Because this is a violation of our policy we recognize that the former employee’s termination is an appropriate action but we are not pursuing criminal charges.”

A pro bono attorney has taken on Anderson’s case, and says his client’s actions were charitable and not criminal. As for Anderson himself, he believes “My heart was in the right place, my head was in the wrong place.”

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