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Police: Florida Man Waved his Private Parts at Neighbor

John Solomayar's police photo from a previous arrest

John Solomayar's police photo from a previous arrest

Some people wag their fingers when making a point in an argument, others, like  John Solomayar of Fort Pearce, Florida, it seems may wag their penis to punctuate an argument, according to police anyway.

On September 9, 2013, Solomayar, 60, was arguing with a neighbor, with whom he reportedly argues on a daily basis, when he threatened to kill the neighbor and ”walked to the middle of Southwest Airoso Boulevard and took his penis out of his pants and with his hand he shook it at him in a very vulgar manner and shouted, ‘suck it.’”

It is unknown whether or not Solomayar intended to carry out the death threat with his penis or not, but the neighbor called 911 for help anyway.

According to the arrest affidavit, when police arrived Solomayar, “smelled heavily of alcohol, was slurring his speech and having a hard time walking.” When asked if he had pulled out his junk and shaken it at the neighbor, Solomayar said that he had “never shown [the neighbor] my penis,” but his pants “may have fell down because they are a little big on him.”

They arrested him anyway for lewd and lasscivious behavior and indecent exposure in public.

Read the arrest affidavit.

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