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Murderabilia: Lee Harvey Oswald’s Wedding Ring up for Auction

Purchased in Minsk, Belarus, for his wife Marina Prusaakova on April 30, 1961, and left at her bedside table where she was visiting friend Ruth Paine on November 22, 1963, the day of the Kennedy assassination, the wedding band of Lee Harvey Oswald has made it to the auctioneer’s block 50 years later.

The ring was given to the U.S. Secret Service after President Kennedy’s assassination, and then turned over to attorney Forrest Markward in 1964 where it sat in his files for the duration of his career.

After Markward’s death, the ring made its way back in 2012 to Oswald’s widow. is auctioning it off in its original Secret Service evidence envelope labeled “Wedding Ring,” with a receipt that reads, “Receipt is hereby acknowledged of a gold wedding band which had been turned over to the United States Secret Service on December 2, 1963, by Mrs. Ruth Paine.”

Being auctioned with the ring are a five-page hand-written letter dated May 5, 2013, and signed Marina Oswald Porter, that discloses the ring’s history, and the letter from the Fort Worth  law firm of Brackett and Ellis that Porter she received with the ring.

The auction ends October 16, 2013

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