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Disturbing First Hand Account of An Encounter with Serial Killer Randy Kraft

Randy Kraft at his 1989 trial

Randy Kraft at his 1989 trial

Randy Kraft was a serial killer active from 1972 to 1983. He is believed to have killed anywhere from 13-67 males, though he was convicted of 16 murders. Many of his victims were former U.S. Marines, like the author of this chilling account, Jay Roberts, who only recently realized that one of the nicest guys he ever met was Randy Kraft.

Roberts begins, “The following is a story I’ve never told in 33 years.” Then proceeds to tell his eerie story of meeting a sexual sadist and torturer from whom many did not escape, hanging out with him and drinking with him in Kraft’s hotel room, even broaching the subject of sex, only to leaving unscathed on his motorcycle after a pleasant afternoon.

Read the full article:  I was a young Marine scout sniper, definitely his type. And for a single, unforgettable afternoon, Orange County’s most notorious serial killer coaxed me into a place from which many didn’t escape. feature story: Randy Kraft, the Freeway Killer

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