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Floridian Tries to Pay Water Bill With Crack

A photo of a sample of crack cocaine from the DEA website

A sample of crack cocaine from the DEA website

On September 23, 2013, an as-of-yet unidentified person walked into a government office building to to pay a water bill, we’re guessing, because the person dropped off a sealed envelope. The only problem was that when a government employee opened that envelop, there was no money inside, well nothing overtly negotiable anyway. The envelope contained cocaine.

Perhaps not being familiar with the white powdery substance in the envelope, said employee did not assume that some idiot had inadvertently tried to pay the water bill with his stash, but instead called the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office to report the discovery of a suspicious white powder, prompting the evacuation and temporary shutdown of the entire office pending identification of the substance.

The HAZMAT team quickly determined that the powder was not anthrax after all, nor was it vitamin C, but, “Interestingly enough, it was crack cocaine,” according to a VCSO spokesperson.

Investigators are reviewing surveillance video to identify the person who left the envelope. Once they know who it is, deputies can probably just wait around the water bill office until the person comes to them — to have their water turned back on — or, this being Florida, to pay their bill and get their stash back.