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Do You Need My Assistance? Drunk Man Tries to Help Cop

Lincoln County, Wisconsin

Alcohol affects people differently. Some people are angry drunks and some are naked drunks. Some drunks go driving while others just pass out. But there’s one type of drunk that we’ve all met: the helpful drunk. He’s the guy that sees you struggling with a jar of pickles and helpfully smashes it on the kitchen counter. Though they mean well, helpful drunks often do more harm than good.

It appears that a courteously unidentified Lincoln County, WI., man is one such drunk. According to local news station WSAW, the man was out driving when he saw a deputy pulled over on the side of the road. Concerned that the deputy needed assistance, the man allegedly turned around and pulled behind the deputy’s vehicle. The deputy, wondering why there’s a civilian vehicle pulled over behind him, got out and asked the man what’s up. The helpful Samaritan allegedly smelled like booze and failed a field sobriety test. He was arrested and charged with OWI — his first.

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