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VIDEO: Family of Marlon Brown Release Police Cam Video of His Death

On May 8, 2013, Marlon Brown found himself being chased by police in Deland, Florida, for an alleged seat belt violation. He stopped his car, and tried to get away on foot. Two of the three pursuing police cars broke off pursuit; the third cruiser took this dashboard camera video that has since been released by Brown’s family. The moment of impact has been edited out.

Driven by Officer James Harris this cruiser is seen going around the stopped police vehicles, chasing Brown down into the brush and hitting him; Brown died on the spot. Harris, who has since been fired, probably saw it as getting the job done; claiming that Brown fell in front of the cruiser. Brown’s family, however, is calling it vehicular manslaughter. The grand jury failed to indict Harris.

Brown’s family hopes that releasing this video will help bring justice to the memory of Marlon Brown.

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